It's true! WoggleBox Spirits wins big at the LAWEBFEST 2014! The night brought six total awards including Outstanding Director, Outstanding Editing, Outstanding Sound Design, Outstanding Lead Actress, Outstanding Cinematography, and overall Outstanding Series in the Fantasy/Horror/Scifi category!  We are honored and happy to have been a part of the largest International Web Series Festival on the planet.


Spirits was so fun to make and any success it gains is entirely credited to the amazing cast and crew...and to the awesome fans out there who were patient enough to hang in there while episodes were being shot and completed over a year and half!


As to the future of Spirits, Season 2: The Darkness as well as the feature script (which have been already written)...we are still accessing whether we can continue and if so, how fast we can raise the funds to make it a quicker and more rewarding process for all involved. So please stay tuned and spread the word to get people to watch, subscribe and like our socials! Thank you! :)

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