So, you might be asking yourself...what the heck is WoggleBox?! WoggleBox is an entertainment company created by Director/Writer Kristian Gabriel in Los Angeles to produce horror, fantasy and dark comedy movies, web series, and music videos for a teen audience and beyond! Most content can be described as just mindless fun, over-the-top, surreal...a guilty pleasure...



As you can see--most of the talent is comprised of kids. Most of the content is rated PG for some language and violence. The level of violence or other elements would be equivalent to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Goosebumps, Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow and/or Are You Afraid of the Dark. Kind of a wide range...but there you go.


In the case of language, most adults look fondly on great kids' films such as Goonies, Monster Squad or even The Last Starfighter. Yet, kids in those films were freely using four letter words that are so taboo in kids' films today. We like to keep things in perspective. While we don't frivolously add foul (or fun-challenged) language to our content....some will naturally find its way there.



Possibly not...although some adults MIGHT be able to handle the content.  Parents, please check with your kids before watching anything on this site.

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